Possessing 2 University degrees as well as more than 18 years of experience, I'm what you could call passionate about Real Estate and I am a specialist in representation in the eyes of buyers and sellers in the area of income-producing properties, whether residential, semi-commercial, or commercial.

The fact that I'm a specialist increases both my expertise and efficiency in sales in this particular field.

Furthermore, because of the rigorous knowledge I have of the leasing market, I have enough experience to adequately assess the potential value of vacant units, whether they be in the residential or commercial areas. I have enough experience to properly assess the market value of your income-producing properties. Thus, by calling upon my expertise, you shall have the feeling of confidently investing, based on a professional knowledge of the market.

My reputation with my clients rests on the following qualities: perseverance, diplomacy and tactfulness, loyalty, and professional rigour.

Being an experienced as well as a professional negotiator, I'm in a position to advise you adequately when it comes to the drawing up of various legal clauses and contracts that legally bind parties involved in any given Real Estate transaction (acquired experience with over more than 500 promises to purchase or to commercial leasing space, counter-proposals, modifications, annexes, etc.).

Don't hesitate in getting in touch with me for more information about:

My marketing strategy of your property;
You being confident of getting a professional customer service, once you consider selling your income-generating property at the best price.



The largest real estate network in Quebec and in the world:

  • RE/MAX is everywhere!   Every year, we spend more than 10 million dollars on advertising in Quebec.
  • RE/MAX Quebec (Qc) counts 3,700 brokers in 146 real estate agencies.
  • RE/MAX is international and counts over 120,000 brokers in over 100 countries.
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  • RE/MAX is the most recognized name  in real estate.



  • OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec) ;
  • GMREB's (Greater Montreal Real Estate Board) ;
  • REALTOR (Canada’s Gateway to Commercial Real Estate) ;
  • RE/MAX Quebec.

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