Possessing 2 University degrees as well as more than 18 years of experience, I'm what you could call passionate about Real Estate and I am a specialist in representation in the eyes of buyers in the area of income-producing properties, whether residential, semi-commercial, or commercial.

The fact that I'm a specialist increases both my expertise and efficiency in sales in this particular field. Furthermore, because of the rigorous knowledge I have of the leasing market, I possess enough experience to adequately assess the potential value of vacant units, whether they be in the residential or commercial areas. You'd like to be given the right time of day when it comes to knowing the market value of an income-generating property? I have enough experience to properly assess that market value. Thus, by calling upon my expertise, you shall have the feeling of confidently investing, based on a professional knowledge of the market.

My reputation with my clients rests on the following qualities:

perseverance, diplomacy and tactfulness, loyalty, and professional rigour.

Being an experienced as well as a professional negotiator, I'm in a position to advise you adequately when it comes to the drawing up of various legal clauses and contracts that legally bind parties involved in any given Real Estate transaction (acquired experience with over more than 500 promises to purchase or to commercial leasing space, counter-proposals, modifications, annexes, etc.).



BEING THE FIRST ONE INFORMED !  The Alerte Centris®™ tool allows its members to get, via electronic mail (e-mail), alerts about newly posted properties on the market. You too, may be informed, just as soon as they are posted.

As a member of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board (GMREB), I can sketch, with discrimination and as per your very own criterions a picture of what you're looking for, which is adapted to your needs, and sign you up for free.

You will receive each newly posted GMREB listing, no matter under which Real Estate banner or which Real Estate agency they are posted with. No need for you to visit each and every Internet Web site of the various agencies any more. Without having to spend many boring hours in front of your PC, you shall automatically receive from then on each and every newly posted listing on the market.

For more information about this great searching tool, do not hesitate in contacting me.

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